Gas Type Food Dryer

Heating source for this dryer is gas. The air inlet temperature of hot gas can be about 150°-800° (which depends on the temperature resistance of the equipment and the heat sensitivity of the logistics). It is a kind of drying equipment that uses a variety of energy sources as heat source. It uses high temperature resistant steel mesh as the drying equipment for continuous drying of materials carried by the conveyor belt. As the conveyor belt is reticulated, it is suitable for drying a variety of regular or irregular blocky materials. The conveyor belt is made of SUS304 stainless steel. The conveyor belt moves back and forth in the dryer through a passage consisting of one or more heating units and is dragged by a transmission device. Each heating unit is equipped with air heating and circulation system, each channel has one or more dehumidification systems, when the conveyor belt passes, the hot air passes through the materials, and the water vapor is discharged from the dehumidification hole, so as to achieve the purpose of uniform drying. The length of the box is composed of standard sections. In order to save space, the dryer can be made into multilayer type,  The length and width can be customized according to customer' requirement.


Processing Equipment

The equipment and components can be used in a variety of applications such as food and animal food, environmental-protection plastic, chemical, environmental-protection building materials industries. Our equipment ensures that all aspects of the entire process system comply with the latest process design standards.

Equipment Characteristics

Together with domestic and foreign counterparts, we will contribute to the development of the world food industry to create a better world

Fully insulated box, hot circulating air, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption

The design of the whole machine is compact and reasonable, equipped with PLC intelligent control, easy to operate

Adjustable drying temperature and time, excellent drying effect

High-efficiency and energy-saving heating and heat conduction system, uniform heating of materials, low energy consumption and high output

Double pitch roller chain transmission, stable operation, no jamming

There are single-layer, three-layer, five-layer, and seven-layer ovens to be chosen

A variety of structures such as extension type and reciprocating type for your choice

Various heating methods: electricity, steam, oil, gas

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