Flour Mixing Machine

In the process of industrial production, our innovative know-how is realized through process equipment used in all connected process stages, such as feeding, heat treatment, transportation, separation, homogenization, molding, storage, packaging, and the complete material Processing system. Our extensive experience in product systems engineering supports the development of our process equipment and important components. Our customers benefit from process components and equipment that are completely tailored to their specific needs. Upholding our commitment to customers, we ensure the high performance of our long-term products through ultimate customer consultation and support.


Processing Equipment

The equipment and components can be used in a variety of applications such as food and animal food, environmental-protection plastic, chemical, environmental-protection building materials industries. Our equipment ensures that all aspects of the entire process system comply with the latest process design standards.

Equipment Characteristics

Together with domestic and foreign counterparts, we will contribute to the development of the world food industry to create a better world

1. Mature technology, mass production and short delivery time.

2. All internal contacts are made of 304 stainless steel, which meets food safety standards.

3. Intelligent control, high efficiency and safety, high production efficiency

4. Only need to replace the process equipment to change the production process requirements.

5. You can upgrade and transform your existing product line and customize value-added services.

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