Floating fish feed Production Line

Our machines and systems can produce fish feed with high precision. The size, shape and moisture content of the products meet your requirements.

Such as starch, meat, fish and shrimp, etc. Quality animal food must be healthy, tasty and attractive to the animal and its owner. Our extrusion solutions cover everything from raw materials to packaging, significantly reducing production costs and achieving the desired stable quality.


Floating fish feed pellet processing line

The production line has reasonable equipment design, high degree of automation, precise control of extrusion process parameters and innovative design of temperator, which further improves the curing effect of feed. It can adapt to various raw materials su

Livestock Feed Solution & Production Line

Every Step of Efficient Production

Raw Material- Finished Product

Raw Material

Raw Material

Finished Product

Finished Product

Production Line Advantages

Productivity: The production process is continuous, automatic, easy to operate with quick start and emergency stop function, the new screw has the function of quick self-cleaning, fast and easy conversion and easy to clean and maintain.

Flexibility: Support product innovation, a variety of raw materials used to process a variety of grains, a wide selection of sizes, shapes and fillers (optional co-extrusion accessory). Suitable for the production of a variety of livestock feed with a wide range of products.

High cost effectiveness: Enhance short time conversion process at high temperature to save raw materials, energy and water. Easy to maintain, adopt sanitary design and compact design which requires a small floor space.

Expert group: Specially designed by our expert engineers, with advanced automation which ensures accurate process control to achieve easily reproducible product quality.

Finished product production capacity: from 100 kg / h to 5000 kg / h.

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