Multi-functional Shaping Machine

Multi-function shaping machine has the functions of traction, conveying, shaping and cutting, which is generally used for cutting round shape, flat shape, and long tubular shape food, such as pillow shape snacks with filling, snack food with filling and other puffed food.

Our various cutter can be used for cutting off the strip, roasted snacks, such as bread crumb, pasta, soybean textured protein and others.

Some complex three-dimensional crispy corner, small fish, and other products need to cooperate with the special shaping and cutting equipment for puffing and frying. Different shapes can be realized by changing the cutter moulds.


Equipment Characteristics

Together with domestic and foreign counterparts, we will contribute to the development of the world food industry to create a better world

Compact Dimensions

Safety Frame

Simple Control

High Productivity

High Accuracy

Saving Energy

Low Noise Level

Full Automatic

Flexible Adjustment

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