SN85 Multi-function Twin Screw Extruder

Twin screw extruder is composed of two high-torque screws which are meshing with each other and rotating in the same direction. Since the design range of screw and cylinder is wide, the outline and process functions of various screws can be set according to the process requirements. Therefore, the twin screw extruder can ensure transportation, compression, mixing, cooking, shearing, heating, cooling, pumping and forming with high strength of flexibility. The purpose of extrusion processing is to transform the viscosity polymer medium through physical and chemical changes by precise control of processing conditions, and produce high quality structured products. The new generation of twin screw extruder adopts the latest modular design concept, realizing the multi-purpose of the extrusion system and perfectly connecting with the upstream and downstream supporting equipment. The intelligent control system can realize the flexibility and visualization of adjusting different production process parameters according to different production process requirements. It can be widely used in many fields of the food industry and is an ideal choice for processing breakfast cereal, snack food, food raw materials, modified starch, pet food and so on.


Equipment Introduction

How to use a food extrusion machine?

After adding water and steam to the pre-conditioner for preliminary pre-gelatinization, the mixed material directly enters the extrusion sleeve from the feeding port; transmission, mixing, shearing, cooking, high temperature and high pressure are generated by co-rotation of the twin-screw; After extrusion in the die hole, the pressure suddenly drops to normal pressure, the water evaporates rapidly, and the product expands accordingly; the material is fixed and formed.

Factors affecting food puffing:

1) Influence of material composition on extrusion quality

Fat content: In food extrusion puffing, the puffing degree of the product increases with the increase of fat content.

Protein content: Raw materials with higher protein content tend to puff less when extruded

Starch content: 70% of the material used for extrusion is starch, and the gelatinization of starch in the extrusion process is a gelatinization process in a low moisture state. In this process, starch gelatinization degree is closely related to screw speed, temperature and moisture content.

2) The influence of moisture on the extrusion quality: 5-12%

3) Screw rotation speed: The higher the rotation speed, the higher the temperature, the lower the residence time, the lower the torque, the higher the puffing degree, and the lighter the color of the product.

4) Feeding amount: In the extrusion process, different molds require different feeding amounts. When using the same mold, under the condition that other conditions remain unchanged, the feeding amount increases, the pressure increases, the puffing degree decreases, and the color becomes darker, which affects the taste and texture of the product.

Processing Equipment

The equipment and components can be used in a variety of applications such as food and animal food, environmental-protection plastic, chemical, environmental-protection building materials industries. Our equipment ensures that all aspects of the entire process system comply with the latest process design standards.

Equipment Characteristics

Together with domestic and foreign counterparts, we will contribute to the development of the world food industry to create a better world


Match metal materials with food standards according to properties of different raw materials. All processing procedures ensure the security and hygiene of raw materials.


This series of extruders are well designed, and the control system ensures the stable and reliable operation of the power system, heating system, energy supply, material transportation and other aspects of the main engine through the feedback of each testing unit, especially suitable for large-scale, stable and continuous production.

High Efficiency

This series of extruders can reasonably match the power of main motor, drive optimization of power system and accurate supply of energy materials according to the properties and processing technology of actual materials. Achieve the optimal matching of energy consumption per unit, reduce production costs for customers, and ensure the maximum benefit and strong competitive advantage.


The control system can customize the parameters of traditional system, heating system, feeding system, modulation system and rotary cutting system for customers according to the actual production process, and adjust the parameters independently, so as to realize the flexibility and visualization of the system in response to the adjustment of different production process parameters.

Equipment Specification

Together with domestic and foreign counterparts, we will contribute to the development of the world food industry to create a better world.

ModelTotal PowerActual PowerMain Motor PowerScrew DiameterProduction
SN80-II88kw60kw50kw80mm 300~400kg/h
SN85-II108kw81kw75kw85mm 400-600kg/h

Optional Configuration

The concept of modular design is conducive to the realization of product upgrading and new product development. The equipment can be extended according to the market demand, which can not only realize the current product upgrading but also meet the requirements of new product development. You don't need to replace the whole machine, just need to replace some functional parts you can greatly improve the flexibility of the system which is more economical.

1. Control system: general- control equipment cabinet and intelligent- control equipment cabinet

2. Power module: conventional power module, overloading power module, high-torque power module

3. Feeding system: single screw feeding, twin screw feeding, intelligent metering feeding

4. Cylinder module: integral cylinder module, wear-resistant and composite cylinder

5. Temperature control system: electric temperature control, steam temperature control, module temperature control

6. Extruding module: customize according to process requirements

7. Rotary cutting feeding system: rotary cutting of forward direction, rotary cutting of side direction

8. Main engine base: carbon steel plastic spray frame, stainless steel frame

Boundary Dimension

SN80/85/90 Multi-function Classic Screw Extruder

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