Bread crumbs Production line

Bread crumbs are widely used as food additives, mainly used for fried steak, fried drum stick, fish, seafood, onion rings and other fried coating ingredients, which can make the fried food crispy outside and tender inside, crisp and delicious with rich and varied taste that are deeply loved by consumers.


Breadcrumbs Production Line

The breadcrumbs developed by our company have changed the traditional production process of breadcrumbs. The production line is completed automatically from mixing, extrusion and cutting to breaking and forming with fewer employees and convenient operatio

Breadcrumbs Solution and Production Line

Every Step of Efficient Production

Raw Material- Finished Product

Raw Material

Raw Material

Finished Product

Finished Product

Production Line Advantages

Greatly reduced processing time and increased productivity.

Use flexible cutting system for easy conversion and cutting changes.

Flexible processing of a variety of bread snacks and fried bread blocks for soups and salads.

Strengthen processing, reduce energy and water consumption to promote sustainable development.

Use process control to produce high quality products with consistent characteristics and flavor.

Variable output and customized design to enhance the output from 180 kg/h to 700 kg/h.

We can provide easy-to-install jacket kits that enable puffed snack makers to change their production lines to produce bread snacks. We can help design and test the recipes to satisfy consumers.

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