Bitter Buckwheat Flake Solution and Production Line

There are nearly 100 million patients with hyperglycemia in the world. According to scientific statistics, bitter buckwheat is a multigrain crop that can effectively reduce the occurrence of diabetes, so it should be more commonly seen on people's dining tables. It is a good use method to process bitter buckwheat into bitter buckwheat flake which is easy to eat and tempered. We can not only provide high-quality solutions for processing bitter buckwheat flakes, but also reasonably configure production lines, which can be efficiently put into mass production with low cost. Our test center and experimental workshop are always looking forward to cooperating with you.


Breakfast Cereal Production Line

People are always looking for breakfast foods that are both nutritious and convenient. Experts are working with food processing professionals to develop new solutions to produce more ready-to-eat breakfast cereals.

Bitter Buckwheat Flake Solution and Production Line

Every Step of Efficient Production

Raw Material- Finished Product

Raw Material

Raw Material

Finished Product

Finished Product

Production Line Advantages

Productivity: Continuous and automatic process start, quick stop, fast and easy conversion and easy to clean and maintain.

Support product innovation: A variety of raw materials used to process a variety of grains, a wide selection of sizes, shapes and fillers (optional co-extrusion accessory).

Flexibility: Simply by modifying the module or adding components we can produce flakes, two-color products and co-extrusion grains with obvious inclusions or diverse shapes, thus to expand the product range.

High cost effectiveness: Enhance short time conversion process at high temperature to save raw materials, energy and water. Easy to maintain, adopt sanitary design and compact design which requires a small floor space.

Expert group: Specially designed by our expert engineers, with advanced automation which ensures accurate process control to achieve easily reproducible product quality.

Finished product production capacity: from 200 kg / h to 800 kg / h.

Test new formula and improve the workpiece process. Ideas, product design, formula labs, prototyping, pre-industrial testing, and mass production can all be done independently and secretly in our factories. We focus on people's consumption habits and lifestyles to predict breakfast trends and regularly present new product ideas to our customers.

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