Puffed Corn Snacks Production Line

Corn puff snacks food machine is a new type of extruding food machine, which is studied and developed by ourselves on basic of learning advanced technology in the world so that its technical performance and quality of products both reach to the most advanced in the world.

This line will finish mixing, extruding, drying, sugar coating and packing fully automatically. This line is featured of flexible collocation, extensive applied materials, various products and easy operation.


Every Step of Efficient Production

Raw Material- Finished Product

Raw Material

Raw Material

Breadcrumbs Solution and Production Line


Finished Product

Finished Product

Production Line Advantages

Related consultation about equipment, process, packaging and standardized layout of the plants prior to the project. We can also pay a visit to the customer to actually survey the size and area of the workshop, then deeply customize the most reasonable and scientific configuration of the production line and equipment, and realize the overall turnkey project;

The operation of equipment in the project, Technical consultation and training;

Provide system solutions for your efficient production and match your needs;

We can provide specialized design and manufacture according to your requirements;

We can help you upgrade and remould the existing product lines to eliminate weaknesses and improve production efficiency;

Our demonstration workshop integrates experiment, demonstration and training to provide you with professional value-added services;

Our demonstration workshop can test your products and processes to select the right process equipment for you. You can also test your new recipe and technology here.

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