Nutrition Baby Powder Food Production Line

Nutritional rice milk powder making machine for baby food uses rice, corn, beans and all kinds of grains as the raw materials. Through extruding, inflating, drying, crushing and mixing, it could produce many kinds of nutritional powder. Such as baby rice powder, sesame paste, beans powder and so on. This line could finish all the process automatically from the feeding to the end. It has features of easy operation, no leak of powder dust, sanitation, energy-saving and adding all kinds of raw materials and nutriment asily.


nutritional powder baby food extrusion production line

The production line of nutrition powder is a new application of twin screw extrusion technology.

Nutrition Baby Powder Food Production Line

Baby food production line instructions for use

The baby food production line is used to produce baby food and some other instant flour products. The raw materials are put into a mixer and the mixed ingredients are fed into the extruder feeder. The extruder is equipped with: a special cylindrical storage bin; a vibrating dosing feeder with a hopper for feeding the extrusion screw; an extrusion mechanism and cutting; separate electrical panel.

The extruded product is conveyed to the continuous rotary dryer by means of a pneumatic conveyor. The continuous rotary dryer has a heat exchanger with a gas burner for better heating of the product and is economically viable due to the low cost of electricity. We also have electric dryers if the customer prefers.

The dried product is taken by a hoist to the mill's feed bin where the product is processed by the friction of hammers to obtain the desired granularity of flour. Using a mixer, the premix with added vitamins, minerals, and milk is made into fortified blended food.

Every Step of Efficient Production

Raw Material- Finished Product

Finished Product

Finished Product

Production Line Advantages

We will provide you with complete solutions from a single raw material to final product to help you develop and innovate formulations and improve processes to create reliable product lines. We offer turnkey project and can comprehensively upgrade all or p

Fast plug and play, installation and start.

Easy to operate with PLC controller and touch screen.

Use quick connection to ensure an easy operation and fast product replacement.

Use compact design with integrated motor and extruder control system.

Use movable chassis with water cooling and vacuum unit.

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