Why Choose To Buy A Pet Food Production Line?

Pet Food

With the increasing income of residents and the expansion of pet owners, the pet industry has developed rapidly in recent years. In the context of consumer upgrading, pets are receiving more attention, pet awareness, purchasing power, the "treatment" of pets is also rapidly improving. As a result, pet owners are placing higher demands on the nutrition, safety, and palatability of pet food. This has forced manufacturers to accelerate the upgrading of pet food manufacturing machines.


In recent years, cute and lively pet cats and dogs have become the emotional support for modern people to get solace, as well as companionship and confiding objects. Especially in the growing urban single population and the fast-paced life, pets have become a good medicine to relieve the "loneliness". Today, the market for automatic pet food equipment is booming, driven by the demand for pet food, pet supplies, pet medical care, and pet services.


As a very large part of the pet food industry, it is also an indispensable daily "ration" for dogs and cats. Fully automated pet food production lines have seen explosive growth.


Pet food sub-categories to see, pet food industry consumption to pet staple food and pet snacks, staple food accounted for the largest proportion, pet food snacks market is relatively fragmented. Pets have dry food and wet food. Pet snacks include jerky, biscuits, chewable tablets, etc. With the rapid popularisation of the scientific pet food concept, pet owners are more concerned about the nutritional content, formulation, and palatability of ingredients, the status of their pets, user reputation, and brand awareness when buying pet food.

Pet Food

 Pet Food     

The upgrading of pet owners' requirements for pet food will undoubtedly accelerate the release of quality market potential, forcing the pet food equipment processing industry to continuously optimise production processes and technologies to fully lock in the nutritional content of pet food, enhance flavor, and texture. The pet food industry has also been working to improve the quality of pet food. It is understood that some enterprises from the pet food production chain, subdivision of pet food flavor and taste, the introduction of puffed, air-dried, freeze-dried, low-temperature baked products. Among them, freeze-dried pet food is becoming increasingly popular in the market.


Most common everyday dried pet food is produced using puffing (extrusion) technology, which is palatable but has poor flavor and serious nutritional loss. However, freeze-dried pet food is produced using vacuum freeze-drying technology. Under the action of a vacuum freeze dryer, pet food is freeze-dried at low temperatures, avoiding the destruction of nutrients caused by conventional high-temperature pet food processing and eliminating the need to add artificial preservatives, artificial food attractants, and artificial colors.


As a huge "cake", the pet food machine market is attracting more and more brands, with more players likely to join in the future. However, as pet owners become more aware of pet food safety and pay more and more attention to nutrition, safety, and quality, in the long run, companies should continue to strengthen nutritional research and development, from the automated production process of pet food, formulations, palatability, etc. Optimization and upgrading can better meet the consumer needs of pet owners, thus breaking and growing in the midst of fierce competition.

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